Innovative products

Mobile phone special plastics

Product Overview:

After many years of precipitation and accumulation in plastic industry, Sinoplast masters the requirements and development trend of the mobile and other communication products in appearance modeling, material qualitative, process, color and etc.; develops special level of materials such as Si-PC, PC+GF, Special PA and so on for mobile phones.

Product characteristics:

• Excellent dynamic fluidity , easily molding
• Excellent impact resistance at low temperature and thin wall impact resistance
• Stable dimensional accuracy
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Color diversity, Beautiful appearance

Typical Applications:
Widely used for all kinds of high requirement smart phone, front housing, back cover of ultra-thin models, metal insert molding and mobile phone battery covers.

Typical Specification:




Excellent chemical resistance and impact resistance at low temperature; Easily molding.


10%-20%special GF reinforced; Ultra high notched impact strength; Excellent mechanical performance 
and stable dimensional accuracy.


Special nylon+30%~55% GF reinforced, excellent wear resistance, good surface effect, low water absorption 
and dimensional stability.


Special nylon+GF reinforced, excellent wear resistance, high rigidity, excellent dimensional stability 
and chemical resistance.


PPA+30%~70%GF reinforced, high rigidity, high temperature resistance, excellent dimensional stability 
and chemical resistance.