Innovative products

LDS plastics

Product Overview:

With the advent of 5G Era, to meet the development requirement of new technology in mobile phones and IT communication industry, Sinoplast has developed series of special plastics based on LDS technological process and get the Germany LPKF patent authorization. 


Product characteristics:

• Super mechanical properties
• Stable dimensional accuracy
• Excellent chemical resistance
• High temperature resistant,Suitable for high temperature molding
• Excellent fluidity; Easily molding

Typical Applications:

Widely used in mobile communications, automotive electronics, computer, electrical and mechanical equipment, medical equipment and other industries. As long as the quick increasing of smart phone, LDS technology is widely used for internal antennas of mobile phone.

Typical Specification:




Excellent chemical resistance and high temperature stability; Excellent mechanical performance.


10 ~ 30% special glass fiber reinforced, excellent surface effect and dimensional accuracy, 
excellent mechanical properties.


PC/ABS alloy; Excellent mechanical performance; Easily molding.


PPA, GF reinforced; Excellent appearance and dimensional stability; High temperature resistance; SMT process.


PPA, GF reinforced; High dielectric constant (>6.0), low Dissipation Factor, Excellent appearance and dimensional 

stability; High temperature resistance; SMT process.