Thermoplastic elastomer


Products Overview:

POLYKING® TPE is a unique and excellent performance Plastic elastic material. With the thermoplastic processing performance and the physical properties of vulcanized rubber. Compared with the traditional rubber, without vulcanization and compounding, it can be injected or extruded directly. And It is also completely recyclable and environmentally friendly, and is the best choice to replace traditional rubber and PVC material.Because of the special molecular structure, it is widely used in telecommunications, toys, daily necessities, electronic appliances, Mechanical engineering and automotive and other fields. 

Product features:
• good appearance and excellent texture
• Wide range of hardness
• High tensile resistance and low compression deformation

• good electrical insulation resistance and voltage characteristics

• outstanding slip resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance

• environmentally friendly non-toxic (FDA compliant)


Typical Specifications:





5 series

With excellent stop slippery, excellent weather resistance, good flexibility, and is combined, 

hardness scope: shore 20 A-shore 95 A, injection molding, suitable for the second injection

 with PP, PE then and grade sole, pen, shockproof gasket, ice box, protective mask, toys, etc.


6 series

Excellent weather proof, flexibility, recovery, hardness scope: shore 5 A-shore 70 A, injection, 

extrusion, suitable for transparent products such food utensils, children bite ring, crystal ball 

bounce the requirements of.


7 series

Excellent weather proof, flexibility, recovery, hardness scope:: shore 20 A-shore 90 A, suitable 

for application in the production of all kinds of hose seals, doors and Windows, electric wire 

and cable, elastic rope skipping, etc.

High grade adhesive
8 series

Has soft touch, good stop slippery, weather resistance, hardness scope: shore 35 A-shore 95 A,

 injection molding, widely used in and ABS, PC, PA, PBT, POM, second injection. Such as the grips 

for the electric tools, garden tools, and so on, all kinds of shell bag edge for communication toys, 

electronic appliances, etc.shore 95A,、PC、PA、PBT、POM

Application fields:

Telecommunications, toys, daily necessities, electronics, mechanical engineering and automotive fields.