Careers in Sinoplast

Talent is company’s highest value, and is also company’s biggest treasure, meanwhile, talent is the strategic resource to promote the development of Sinoplast Group and its subsidiaries, excellent employees are the most valuable wealth of enterprises.

We always insist the concept “People oriented, team work”, respect and value every employee, devoted to create harmony work environment, provide staff with good develop chance, try to make the company become the platform for staff to show their talents, develop their careers, and live happy life.

Our company also value the development of staff’s personal career, provide wide channels for staff to improve their abilities, try to unify company’s development and staff’s development. So, our company made all kinds of training plan according to work requirement and development situation, so as to offer rich training and learning opportunity for staff, help staff continuously develop.
Our company arrange every employee to have induction training at the beginning of their entry, so as to make staff be familiar with company’s business and process rapidly. Professional training includes skills training for particular department and position before taking up their jobs, also includes management ability training, sales skill training, leadership training. In order to promote staff’s other comprehensive abilities, company occasionally organizes staff to attend all kinds of outward bounding training and hire professional lawyers to do legal advocacy.
Sinoplast has established multi sequence career development channels for promotion when normalize talent’s selection and development. Lead employee to make progress and promote according to qualification, increase their competence to position, keep employee’s sustainable development, really realize win-win between company and staff.