Innovative products

New Energy Vehicle special plastics

Product Overview:

With the development of new energy vehicles, Sinoplast has developed special engineering plastics such as PPA+GF with high modules to meet the demand of lightweight design trend and high mechanical performance.


Product characteristics:

• Great electrical properties and flame retardancy
• Super flexural strength
• Stable dimensional accuracy
• Excellent appearance
• Excellent high temperature resistance, easily molding

Typical Applications:
Widely used for new energy vehicle tubing joint and engine related components etc.

Typical Specification:




PPA+30-50% special GF reinforced; Excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability; 

High rigidity, Easily molding.


PPA+30-50% special GF reinforced; halogen-free flame-retardant, Excellent chemical resistance 

and dimensional stability; High rigidity, High temperature resistance.