Innovative products

Microelectroacoustic, Connector special plastics

Product Overview:

With the technical progress and the change of consumer habits, microelectroacoustic products have become one of the most important development directions in the electroacoustic industry. In addition, intelligent connectors have developed rapidly. Sinoplast has successfully developed a series of engineering plastics applied for microelectroacoustic and connectors.

Product characteristics:

• Super mechanical properties
• Excellent high temperature resistance
• Stable dimensional accuracy
• Excellent appearance
• Excellent fluidity, easily molding

Typical Applications:
Widely used for microelectroacoustic horn brackets, catches, connectors and various chucks, etc.

Typical Specification:




PPA+30-50% special GF reinforced; Excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability; 

High rigidity, Easily molding.


PPA+30-50% special GF reinforced; Non-halogen flame-retardant V0, Excellent chemical 

resistance and dimensional stability; High rigidity, High temperature resistance.