Careers in Sinoplast

Talent is company’s highest value asset, and is also company’s biggest treasure
Sinoplast comply with the talent concept of “People oriented, team cooperation”, respect all staffs’ characters and pursuit and treat them fairly according to their ability and performance, take effort to provide best office environment to make every employee give full play to creativity.

People oriented
We try to create enterprise culture to be mutual reliable and with sincere philanthropism, and fully respect every employee’s independent personality, try to create an enterprise culture that will make everyone enjoy the spirit of the Masters, so as to make everyone feel great pride and joy of company’s growth and development.

Formulate enterprise management system, take the training and guidance measures, so as to make sure that everyone can perform duties and fulfill tasks by legal means.
Fair treatment
Offer fair development chance according to staff’s ability and quality;
Evaluate every employee’s ability and performance according to fair principles, give high evaluation and generous reward unstintingly for those results and achievements created by active labor.

Stimulate creativity
Try our best to create the condition to make our staff practice actively, strive to make all staff fully perform their creativity and motility.
Positively support and continuously cultivate talents, so as to exploit every staff’s potential ability.
Fully respect staff’s private life, create mature organizational culture by the base of mutual trust and understand.
Team Work
We think diversified work teams will lead to diversified ways of thinking, which will help to improve decision and extent thoughts, so we advocate team work. A team without cohesion is like a sheet of loose sand , this won’t form battle effectiveness even there are first-class talents, so we can only succeed by solidarity.