Thermoplastic elastomer


Products Overview:

POLYKING® thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU is widely used in different fields because of its excellent and comprehensive properties. Due to the characteristics between the flexible rubber and hard plastic, it contains a wide range of hardness and elasticity. shore 60A - shore 72D. It provides unparalleled toughness and durability, it is suitable for all kinds of processing technology and equipment, can meet all kinds of needs.

Product features:
• ultra-high tear resistance
• Excellent compression deformation and ductility
 Excellent wear resistance
• Excellent oil resistance and chemical properties 
 Excellent elasticity and softness, Excellent silencing and shock effect
• medical and food hygiene (in line with FDA) 
•  Excellent low temperature performance (-40 )

Typical Specifications





K series

Polyester grade in general, hardness limits Shore 60 A ~ 72 D, excellent mechanical strength 

and wear resistance and solvent resistance. Suitable for injection, extruding, blown film , used in 
truckles, shoes accessories, electric wire and electric cables, sports equipment, pneumatic tubes, 

sports shoes, air cushion.


TK series

High transparent grade, with excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance and solvent 

resistance. Suitable for injection, extruding, blown film, can be applied to the requirements of 

high transparent products, such as transparent caster wheel, strap, buttons, sports shoes, air cushion.


EK series

Type polyether grade, high mechanical strength, good resistance to hydrolysis, antibacterial and

 low temperature resistance. Suitable for injection, extruding purposes and can be used in the film,
 water bottle, medical equipment, etc.

Areas of application:

Electronics, appliances, automotive, packaging, industrial and various types of consumer goods and other fields.